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The Only 3 Network Marketing Strategies You Will Ever Need


The Only 3 Network marketing Strategies You'll Ever Need

There really isn't a secret formula for success in this business, but there are tons of proven network marketing strategies.  The most important area you need to master is that of MARKETING. If you know where, how and when to market your business or products, you'll find yourself one happy camper. Just remember your success or failure in network marketing is contingent upon how fast you can learn from your mistakes and move on.  At times you will need thick skin.

Your goal should be to strive for the top of your company and it might time to get there, but once you do, you should be able to do it over and over again. Top network marketing distributors reach the top levels of network marketing companies because they have something you don't have right now, but you will if you stick around long enough. Here is what they have that you don't:

a.  a list of network marketing contacts
b.  years of experience in the industry and they know a lot of people who they can call and talk to about a new business opportunity.

Network marketing lists takes time to build. You will have two types of lists. 1) an A list of people in network marketing you know and 2) a B list of people who are opt in network marketing leads.  These people are on your contact email list.

Just remember we are in a "people business" and you truly need to enjoy working with people if you really want to find network marketing success.

I live by this motto:  Systems Can Be Duplicated People Cannot

Here is what I am talking about.

The 3 Network marketing Strategies You'll Ever Need?

1.  System to find prospects
2.  System to sign up close prospects or sell products
3.  System that TEACHES new members how to do 1 & 2.

System to Find Prospects

A system to find prospects is your MultiMate key to success in this business or any online business. "Build it and they will come", ain't gonna work unless you learn how to get your website out in prime locations where networkers or opportunity seekers hang out.

Bottom Line: you need to learn how to market/advertise, where to market/advertise and do it as cheaply as possible.

Yes, this is only one piece of the puzzle but if you can't get past this hurdle, you'll never make it.  Network marketing lead generation is that critical to your success. This is an important area where your upline can help you tremendously.  If your sponsor is also a newbie, then let's hope their upline has a clue as to where you can advertise effectively for your business.

There are two primary ways to market.  Online and Offline.  

Offline marketing strategies are the old fashioned ways of building that your company is probably teaching you: newspaper ad's, postcards, flyers, radio, television, etc.

There is a new area coming into play and I am not sure what you call it?  It honestly doesn't matter but you need to be aware that cell phones are now becoming a prime time target for advertisers.  Do a little research into this area and you could win big.

Online marketing strategies can include:  email marketing, using network marketing leads purchased from lead brokers, SEO strategies, Social site marketing (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace), mlm funded proposals, calling leads from lists, forum marketing, ezine advertising, banner ads, sponsor ads, traffic exchanges and on and on and on.  We have a great guide that will teach you How to Promote Your Network Marketing Business Online

System to Close Prospects or Sell Products

There are many good strategies for this, but your upline can play an integral part in how well you can close the deal and get your prospects to hand over the money. Many times your system can do a lot of this for you.

WIIFM (what's in it for me)

All prospects are asking this question and you should be able to answer it for them. More importantly prospects want to know the person behind the email's and video's.  It's your job to welcome the new person and offer all kinds of help they will need to make an informed decision.  

If they understand who you are, why you are with this company and what your goals are, they are more willing to do business with you.  Most people call this "relationship building" and it's really important.

Remember I talked about heavy hitters or experienced network marketers?  They can call their friends and usually get them to join a company in about 30 minutes?  Why?  They already have an established and respected relationship.  They trust each other. Did you trust your sponsor the first time they spoke to you?  I highly doubt it.

Also keep in mind if you target network marketers in your advertising campaigns, it won't take them long to see the value of what your business and team offer.  They will also make quick decisions and they can build their downlines fast.

The people you spend a great deal of time with are opportunity seekers. It seems like these people have to have all their I's dotted and T's crossed before they make a decision.  That is where your permission email marketing comes into play.

Permission marketing is the absolute best way to build a relationship with prospects without having to spend a great deal of time on the phone with them.  This is an area where they can get to know you, your values, beliefs, commitment, etc.  Never under estimate how important it is to share your experiences with your prospects. Every bit of information you give them that they can learn about you is great. Don't be afraid to include your family as well.

System that TEACHES new members how to do 1 & 2

It is so important to have a complete training system that you can plug new members immediately into. You should include your training in your all marketing and follow ups. Accordingly, you should know from your follow ups, how much training your new member needs.  If they are an experienced network marketer, they might already have a good grasp of marketing but if they are a newbie, they will need all the help they can get their hands on.

Duplication is often mentioned in our industry, but the majority cannot duplicate.  You need a A to B to C system that is proven to work. Most good marketing methods cost money and I know most mlm heavy hitters turn to PPC advertising. If your upline is good at PPC they probably have created a co-op and should be used often.

Never should you have to baby sit your new member and you should always make yourself available to them, however that doesn't mean you leave them alone either.  There is a fine line between helping and baby sitting.  With experience you will find that line and know how to act.

Now let's get over to this site How to Promote Your Network Marketing Strategies and start building your empire.

To your success

Bob Alter

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